Stitch Sew installation from Download

(1) Getting Ready:
Before starting you will need your installation code. The installation code was sent to you on your companion CD with your original package. This is an electronic file saved on the CD , it is not written on the CD. If you cannot find your Companion CD, you can normally download it from this link, enter your serial number as written on your key ex. (123456789)
If you have your Install Code, you can skip this step
--> DOWNLOAD Install CODE <--
If your serial is not accessible this way, please send an email to with your SNS key (1234xxxx) Serial number requesting your install code. If you do not include your key serial number we will not be able to send you the installation file.
You will need this installation code to install the program.

(2) Download Stitch Sew Program

Save the File DO NOT attempt to open the file from the server.


The download is a ZIP file, you must extract the contents of the zip file before you can install the program.
Please see these instructions “
Extract instructionsfor extracting files if you do not know how to do this

Once the files are extracted, you will see the contents of the package

it will appear similar to this.

Installation Instructions:

Do not insert the security key until prompted to do so by the installation.

  1. Click on the SNSStart option to start the installation.

  2. Select the Installation option.

  3. Follow the on screen instructions you will be prompted to insert the key, Insert the key in any available USB port, preferably a rear port as this will protect the key from damage.

  4. Continue with the installation

  5. During the Installation, you will be prompted for the installation code (See Image at right)

  6. In the product key window, click the Browse button

  7. In the Browse window, navigate to the installation code from the Getting ready section

  8. Click on the product key code, then click Open

  9. The product code will populate the form, click OK , the program will continue on until the installation is completed.