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This driver is for EOS and TES version 2.0 only.
This driver is Only for Windows XP.
The  Version 2 and earlier programs are not supported on the Windows Vista or Windows Seven operating system.

  1. Remove the old driver from your computer 
  2. Select Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Select Hardlock Device Driver and perform an automatic uninstall.
  4. Remove your hardlock key from your computer
  5. Re boot your computer
  6. Download this package and unzip it. 

    Latest Driver for XP (

    If the above link does not work try this

    Mirror Site
  7. Run the file in this package to install the driver.
  8. Reinsert your hardlock key.
  9. You should get a message from windows that new hardware is found.

     When Windows reports that your hardware is installed and ready to use, your program will launch again.