Embroidery Software that WORKS!



EOS  is a complete digitizing and editing package , covering all aspects of creative digitizing packaged in an easy to use interface.


Designed for embroidery professional who whats control over every aspect of the creation process.

  • If you are a commercial embroiderer who emphasizes speed and control of your designs.
  • If you do a lot of editing or monogramming.
  • If you have multiple embroidery machines.
  • If you intend on starting a digitizing business
EOS is the better choice for you


Stitch & Sew was designed and developed for the special and unique needs of beginners and semi-professionals in the embroidery market.

Stitch & Sew is also a complete digitizing and editing software which emphasizes automatic features and default settings making it extremely easy to learn and use, even for absolute beginners.

  • If you are moving up from a home embroidery prgram.
  • If you are just starting out in embroidery.
  • Iif you dont feel you need all the control of a commercial program.

 Stitch and Sew is the smart choice.


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