corebaseWhat is EMBHQ Core and what makes it so special?

  • Modular Constuction makes CORE customizable
  • Modules plug in seamless with your Core system,
  • Upgradeable, Expandable and Modern!

EMBHQ CORE program is an all new software from Embroidery Headquartyers.  Start off with the basic CoreEngine,  and add features that you find useful.


We have some great basic modules to choose from to get you started, We are developing more as we get feedback from you!

Here are just a couple key features of the Core program

  1. NO KEY, Thats right , No Dongle!!!.  Installation is a snap without the dongle key to worry about.Never again worry about loosing, breaking or getting your dongle key stolen.
  2. Free updates for Life! Did you hear that right?, Did I misspeak? Am I putting one over on you?
    NO I AM NOT.  "Read my Lips, No update charges"

EMBHQ Core, the last embroidery software you will ever need

Check Out the Core Program and all its features  here