The CORE Concept

So, this is the idea behind CORE.
We have been selling software for a long time, and we have always heard the same questions,

"Why do I need to pay for features I will Never use?"

The image at the left shows 4 basic  plugins , but that is not all that Core has to offer.Check out the CORE features from these links

Well, we never really had a good answer. You see, most software developers pad their programs with a bunch of features that might be significant to a few, but for everyone else, they dont need them and wish they werent in the program.

The Basic CORE  program is a capable letterign and editing program that will get you started. Some will find that this is all they need, While others will want to add to it to customize CORE for their business needs

That is the CORE concept,  if you what  a Professional Quality program that produces top notch stitching. Then CORE is for you.