We provides free periodic updates to licensed  users of our programs. These updates are normally delivered automatically through the "Live Update" process in the program. If , however you have a computer that is not connected to the internet and need to download the latest update manually, we have provided links to the available downloads below.
Download and save the update to your computer. If you need to run the update on a remote computer, transfer the download to a portable media device such as a memory stick.
Double click the downloaded file to install the update.


Click the icon to the left to download the All New program from Embroidery Headquarters.  The embHQ Core program is the newest embroidery software program on the market.  With all 64B code, the CORE program is noticeably faster and smoother than other programs.  This  download will install the complete program, with all the options available. If you decide that CORE is for you,  You only need to enter the activation code to unlock the save features.

No need to reinstall, No Dongle key, No hassles!

Did you know there are new versions of EOS and Stitch Sew?
The new programs no longer use the dongle keys, so they are easy to install, and, no more dongle worries,

eos3plus                                                                           SS2.1


The Downloads below are the last updates for the EOS 3.0 /TES 3.0   and SNS 2.0 Programs.


Last update for Compucon EOS3.0



Last update for Barudan TES 3.0



Last Update for Stitch & Sew 2.0