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Core Gold

Core Gold is a Editing and Lettering Program to get you started in the Core program family. You can easily upgrade this program or you can choose modules that plug in seamlessly to create a custom program to suite your needs exactly.

Core starts you off with a solid platform that reads and writes most every commercial embroidery format.

  • 30 Embroidery Fonts on Cores unique Lettering engine with integrated Monogramming
  • Merge Designs
  • Set Colors
  • Group and Un-group blocks /colors/items
  • Show/Hide Colors for easy editing
  • Select/Copy/Paste/reshape, move and delete blocks
  • Flip, Mirror, rotate and Duplicate
  • Align selections automatically
  • Reorder designs
  • Repeat design or blocks in Carousel, Reflect, or Scatter
  • Send designs to your machine via cable
  • Convert Stitch Files to Outline files on the fly. Allowing you the ability to adjust density, underlay etc...
    A comprehensive lettering and monogramming engine that creates lettering and monograms easier that you thought possible.
    Create automatic border stitching on lettering
  • Create running stitches  Normal, Bean and 2 ply
  • Preset embroidery profiles to apply to your designs help the novice choose which setting to use.
    Automatic Optimizing of start and end points to minimize thread trimmingand more...