Editing Tools

Cores comprehensive editing tools makes altering designs a snap.
Select, move, resize, rotate, delete, copy, paste, you name it, Core can do it.


Select Tools , Quick, easy, Instant access to the most commonly used functions when selecting a block or Blocks.


outlineedit Shape

Change outline points on running stitch blocks, Convert corners to curves, move points to reshape the block
Marquee select multiple points at 1 time to modify the points

Cut , Copy, Paste, Duplicate and Delete  selections
Convert Outlines to manual stitches or artworks, Convert Manual stitches to outline formats

Convert Stitch Designs to Outline designs allowing to you change stitch type, density, underlay and more

Create satin borders around selections automatically

Group , Un-grope,  Re-order, move, rotate and resize selection

sstitchedit Stitch Edit
Add, Delete, move  change Function of any Stitch


repeat2Repeat designs or blocks in using Cores exclusive controls

Carousel. Repeat selection in a circle

Place - Repeat selection on different paths  from V's, Necklines, Heart and more

Reflect - Use Reflect to repeat your selections with offsets to achieve different results.

Scatter - Use Cores exclusive randomize function to repeat your selection at different sizes, rotations and angles