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EOS v.3 plus By The Numbers!


Amazing Font Styles. Create lettering with serif fonts, script fonts, block fonts, monogram fonts. You can also create your own fonts with manual or auto-digitizing

*The Number of fonts is dependent on the purchased level


Free Designs. Choose among a stunning collection of ready-to-be-stitched, professionally digitized embroidery designs. Organized in categories like animals, flowers, sports etc


Lettering Frames. Manipulate your lettering in any way. Create lettering in circle, wave form, vertical, horizontal and much more
Step Patterns and Motifs. Create unique designs using different patterns and motifs. You can even create you own patterns and motifs, the sky is the limit

Embroidery Recipes. Create beautiful embroideries choosing among many embroidery recipes like normal fill, satin line, applique, variable angles, star fill and more
Stitch types. Random step or Free step, Sequin or Zig-Zag satin? Let your inner artist out and create wonderful embroidery designs
Auto-Digitizing Functions. Create embroidery designs in seconds using autopunch, photostitch, autocross stitch or Hyperfont
Languages. Most people in the world can use EOS v.3 plus in their native language. We try to make it convenient for everyone

Modifier Plus

160 Font Styles

Full Stitch Editing

Full Block Editing

Hyper Font

Create Outlines

Creator Plus

160 Font Styles

Full Editing

Full Digitizing

Magic Wand

AutoPunch Wizard

Professional Elite

200 Font Styles

Advanced Digitizing

Auto Color Blending


All Wizards

Downloads for Compucon EOS3 Plus embroidery software:


 Whats New in EOS 3 Plus

Attention. This is the download list for EOS 3 plus software (no dongle software). If you have the old EOS (software with dongle) please contact sales@embhq.com to update to the latest version.

Download the function list for EOS 3 Plus:

Stop worrying about loosing or breaking your Dongle. EOS v.3 plus embroidery software works without a dongle

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