All Core systems come pre installed with a selections of fonts. Depending on  your level you will have either 30, 100 or 200 fonts to choose from.

You can always add more by choosing a Pack to customize your program  to suit your needs. Or choose single fonts from the store

  • Do a lot of monogramming? Select one of the Monogram packs
  • How about Puff Fonts? We got em
  • Maybe you do Athletic wear? We got those too
  • Scripts, Blocks, Small , Large, we do it All!
  • Point is, whatever you want to to do , we can help you do it. 




orange_arrowCores lettering is of high quality and easy to use with all the lettering settings in one simple control.

orange_arrowType on Screen  lets you see exactly what you are creating and how it will look.

orange_arrowOn screen tools allow you to adjust the text to get exactly what you need.