The File menu controls the input and output of designs from the program.

  • filemenuNew:  Starts a New Blank Design
  • Open: Allows for importing already made embroidery files into the program
  • Merge: Allows combining multiple embroidery designs into a common design.
  • Import Artwork: Imports vector artwork to allow drect conversion into embroidery files
  • Import TT Text
  • Load Backdrop : Imports raster artwork such as BMP, JPG etc.. to use as a backdrop for digitizing
  • Twain Scanner: Activates your scanner if installed
  • Close: Closes the current design
  • Close All: Closes all open designs
  • Save: Saves the current Design
  • Save As: Saves the curent design and allows you tyo change the name or file type
  • Save As image: Saves the current embroidery file as an image (JPG or PNG) for use in web pages, social media posting or to send to a customer for sample approval
  • Export Artwork: Saves the artwork outline files as vector art
  • Print : Prints the current Design
  • Print Preview: Displays a preview of the print page
  • Print Setup: Allows you to choose which printer and printer settings
  • Design Analysis: Calculates an estimate of run time of the embroidery design based upon your input variables
  • Send to Machine: Sends the design to your embroidery machine (Requires additional cabling and hardware normally supplied by machine maker)

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