EmbHQ offers more than just embroidery software. Although we do have the Best software.
We also offer  Designs, Fonts, Hardware, Custom programming  and more

If you cant find it here, we either can get , or it does not exist.


  embHQ Core

Our newest and most modern program, Its Mac and PC compatible, Fast, friendly and Keyless!

  Compucon EOS

An industry stalwart. EOS has proven itself for reliability, stability and capability.

  Compucon SNS

Regarded as the easiest to use embroidery software available, Stitch Sew is both easy to use and powerful.


Free Downloads and utilities.

orange_arrowFonts and Stuff

  embHQ CORE Store

Fonts, Designs, Modules, training materials  for your CORE Program

  EOS/SNS Fonts

Browse the catalog of over 300 fonts for your EOS or SNS program


Extensive library of embroidery designs and fonts