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Titanium Level Fonts

Core titanium

Core Titanium is our Mid level Digitizing program. Titanium is

  • Load Raster backdrops for Digitizing
  • Use Magic Wand to define Complex Fill, Running Stitch and Steil areas
  • Convert between digitizing methods (Satin to Complex Fill, to Run stitch etc..
  • Create Vector Shapes with Cores Vector Tools, Convert these artworks to embroidery in seconds.
  • Full shape editing of all types of blocks
  • Align selection by any parameter
  • Full Lettering capability with 100 Font Styles including Puffy Fonts, Applique Fonts, Monograms and More
  • Apply border outline automatically
  • Full Digitizing including Satin, Complex Fill, Running Stitch, Steil Stitch and Applique
    Vector drawing tools, Convert to stitch blocks