bubtxt2What is Bubble Text?
Bubble text allows you to create one of a kind embroidery designs.
All you need to do is type your word or words in the text box and choose a bubble.
CORE will repeat your text in the shape bubble as many times as it can to fill the area.

Core uses intelligent programming to select which font to place at the different sizes.

You can create custom font sets of fonts to include to achieve the exact look you want.

We start you off with a vast library of pre made art files , but you can create your own too.

Add a Decor set of icons to your design to make a truly unique design that people will think you spent Hours designing


It's not just for text either, you can create or utilize simple motifs to use with or without text. Only your imagination is the limit.
logos and team names displayed are registered trademarks of the NFL and are not included in the CORE program