Stitched SnapsotsStitched Snapshots

Ok, we have all seen this on other programs for years right? WRONG! If you think you have seen photo realistic embroidery, you have been lied to,
THIS is the Real Deal.
Will it do your corporate logo NO

Will it automatically create super artsy personalized embroidery? You Betcha.

Check out this little guy, and see the output,  Stitched snapshots has a lot of options but its simple to use and fast too.
Yes, the stitch outs  will be a pretty high in stitch count, but detail costs stitches and if you want the stitch out to Look like the picture you started with, then this is the ONLY Photograph stitching program to have

Compare the pictures below to the output, and no , I didn't spend hours creating these either. I think if you compare this output to any other you have seen , you will be impressed

puppy cropped