CORE is a modular approach to embroidery software from Embroidery Headquarters. You can start off with the basic Core Engine, and then add features that meet your specific needs. With that in mind, CORE comes in 3 levels:
• Gold: Basic Lettering and editing
• Titanium: Basic digitizing
• Platinum: Professional Digitizing

Each level has modules that can be added, so you don’t have to pay for things you dont need.

Start off with one of the  pre-packaged levels and add what you want, and only what you want.


Take Core on a test drive, no strings attached.
Take a test drive
You can download and install a non-output version CORE from the link at the right. This demo will allow you to try out any of the levels and features of the CORE program. What’s even better is that once you decide on which level and features you would like, just contact us and we can send you an activation code and you are on your way! Nothing to mail. No key/ dongle to install. Just put in the code and you are up and running.



Core Gold

Lettering and Editing in a single package, Core Gold has everything you need, plus expand ability  to grow with your business.

Core Gold Feature

  • Reads/Writes most industrial formats
  • Direct connect to most embroidery machines 
  • Full Stitch Editing
  • Assign Needle Numbers
  • Merge designs
  • Design Database
  • 30 embroidery fonts  including monogram, Puff foam, applique and Vintage styles
  • Create multi color fonts with Automatic bordering
    And So much more....

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Core Titanium

Lettering and Editing  and Digitizing.  Unleash your creativity with Core Titanium.

Core Titanium Feature

  • All the features in Core Gold  Plus
  • Digitizing-Manual Stitch, Running Stitch, Steil, Satin Column, Complex Fill and Applique
  • Edit / Reshape Letters
  • Vertical Lettering, Text on Path, Spiral Text,  Circle text, Any Font Monogram frame 
  • 100 embroidery fonts  including monogram, Puff foam, applique and Vintage styles
  • Text Effects - Automatic Border and Automatic Glow
    And So much more....

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Core Platinum

Professional Software with all the features you would expect and some you couldn't even imagine!

Core Platinum Feature

  • Create / Edit embroidery styles 
  • Create/Edit Motif,Pattern Fills, Shape fills and More
  • Seamless integration of Vector art and embroidery outlines, Convert from art to embroidery to art
  • Cross Stitch Tool
  • Color Blending/Variable Density fill 
  • Import, Edit, Re-shape Vector art
  • Create multiple automatic outlines
  • 200 embroidery fonts  including monogram, Puff foam, applique and Vintage styles
    And So much more....

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