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Core Platinum

Core Platinum is the most capable, modern and flexible embroidery software on the market. Platinum can do anything , any time.
This is a professional level software at an unbelievable price.

  • Start off with all of the features in Gold and Titanium and go from there
  • 200 Embroidery Fonts to choose from
  • Full Digitizing with 2 types of Satin shapes, Complex fill, run stitch , you name it
  • Magic Wand to define areas of Bitmap images
  • Direct Convert Vector lines to embroidery
  • Convert Embroidery areas between tools
  • Full vector drawing tools and editing tools
  • Import Bitmap images into your embroidery to make virtual samples
  • Use Wave ,Echo,Shape,Contour and Stippling fill for Complex fill
  • Emboss, Contour and Whipped filling for Satin
  • Create Applique with Satin, Motif, Estitch or Symbols as borders
  • Add Design Notes to your digitized files ,
  • Create and edit shape fills, motifs, emboss patterns, styles, and more.

Add Ons
These are just a few of the cool modules you can Add On to your Core Platinum


Platinum Level contains all the fonts from Gold and Titanium levels plus 100 more!