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Attention. This is the download list for SnS v.2.1 software (no dongle software). If you have the old Stitch & Sew v.2 (software with dongle) please contact to update to the latest version.

Downloads for Compucon SnS v.2.1 embroidery software:


Below is a link to a PDF of the Installation Guide. This document will explain how to install and how to activate the software.

Download Install Guide

Important Note

Please note. If you already have a current Stitch Sew program with a dongle, and you install this version, Your current program will cease to function. In order yo u get your version 2.0 keyed version to function again, you will need to download and install the last update for that version from here.

 Stitch Sew 2.0 Last Update

Learn Stitch- Sew

We have built a library of training videos to help you get started with your program