General Design Types

The EOS program can read most major design formats. Designs such as FMC, FDR, are machine specific formats which must be opened from the Machine Disk menu.

Designs such as .XXX, .REF, .DST, .EXP and others are DOS compliant and can be accessed utilizing the procedures outlined in this section. To access non DOS designs refer to the section on Machine Disks.

There 2 basic types of embroidery files, outline and stitch.

An Outline file contains not only the stitch information for the design , but also, the block information that was generated when the design was created. When these types of files are read into the program, the system will display each piece of block data as a separate item in the Object List.

A Stitch file contains only the stitch data for the file. The stitch data is essentially one block of information and will be displayed as a single block in the Object list.

Files such as ERF,REF,CND and PCH are Outline files while files of type XXX,FDR,U01,DST etc… are stitch files.

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